Unique Custom Homes

Rocky Mountain Eco-Homes offers a turnkey service to take a headache out of building a new home. Whether the clients are looking for a net zero vacation cabin, a contemporary pre-designed home, or a custom, architect designed option, your house will be built with more meticulousness, better quality and in less time than a conventional site-built home.

Pre-Designed Home

With ample windows and slider doors surrounding the living room, the Rocky Mountain Eco-Homes are an elegant blend of space and function. The Rocky Mountain Pre-Designed Home Series includes a variety of kitchen, deck, bedroom and roof configurations to meet any need. With such a small footprint, the Pre-Designed Home Series is affordable and ideal for rural or vacation properties.

Tiny Homes Off-The-Grid

Our new line of “off-the-grid” cabins are dedicated to the outdoor adventurer and can be adapted to any type of environment.  Starting at (10.5 square feet) for a studio with micro kitchenette and bath with an option of up to (10.5 square feet) with two bedrooms.

Backyard Cottage

Backyard Cottages are designed in order to maximize the living space within a reduced footprint.  At this small dwelling can be used as a vacation home or as a Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit in your own urban backyard.

Following are some of our floor plans which could be designed to suit your needs as well.